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Oxford Early Music

Francis Knights, May 2010

"This CD is something of a find: these quartet sonatas are music of real quality, and the unusual instrumental combinations are delightful. The five works are given compelling performances by Christopher Palameta (oboe) and his colleagues in Notturna. Strongly recommended.”

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Early Music America

Beth Adelman, March 2010

"Christopher Palameta leads Notturna in an expert performance of five of these quartets— three of which are world premiere recordings. Notturna’s playing is spirited and sensitive and highlights the intricacies of the composer’s crisp counterpoint. In particular, the marvelous oboe playing is smooth and sparkling."

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The Whole Note (Canada)

Andrew Scott, January 2019

"Palameta is widely fêted for oboe performances that are suffused with equal amounts of aesthetic beauty and historical rigour [...] Thanks to Palameta, Van den Borre, Martin, Robinson and Sailly, this important and underrepresented music lives on for future audiences." 


The Toronto Star

John Terauds, 19 June 2009

"The musicians play with a fluid, seductive balance. Palameta’s silky oboe sound is captivating."

Stars: 3/4

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Early Music Review (Scotland)

Brian Clark, June 2013

"Throughout, each of the three voices is beautifully shaped and the lines balanced so that no one instrument dominates the sound – in fact, it is a virtuoso display of the fine art of musical dialogue."


BR-Klassik (Germany)

Detlef Krenge, September 2018

"Die fünf Musikerinnen und Musiker des Ensembles Notturna spielen auffallend klangschöne Instrumente." - "The five musicians of Notturna play strikingly beautifully.”


CD Classico (Italy)

Gabriele Formenti, June 2009

"Let yourself be whisked away by Notturna’s liquid sonorities (…) Palameta is a refined and intelligent performer.”


Early Music America

Brian Stewart, September 2011

"Christopher Palameta is to be commended for presenting another excellent set of performances. His ensemble is intimately familiar with the style; they allow the music to move and breathe in its own natural pace. We eagerly look forward to more in this series."


Musica dei Donum (NL)

Johan van Veen, September 2018

"This disc is a model of creative programming. The performances do the repertoire full justice. Palameta produces a clear and penetrating tone, and Catherine Martin is a perfect match. The balance between the two instruments is just right."


American Record Guide

Todd Gorman, September 2013

"The French group Notturna is accomplished and they take vibrant tempos. Bracing, solid period instrument playing makes this series worthwhile.”

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Fanfare Magazine (USA)

Bertil van Boer, June 2013

"The ensemble is excellent [...] In short, this is a most worthy disc for lovers of the early Classical period style and should be an addition to their collections. Moreover, they demonstrate that Janitsch was a clever and talented composer who deserves resurrection.”

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Early Music Review (Scotland)

D. James Ross, June 2019

"Christopher Palameta is a highly accomplished exponent of the early oboe and plays and directs Notturna with equal assurance and musicality.”

sleepy_hollow_style_by_cyrild4-d2ytrcz c

The Whole Note (Canada)

Tiina Kiik, June 2013

"Palameta’s oboe performance is especially colourful in its detail and ability to cement parts together. The balanced performances make this Notturna release one to be enjoyed time and time again.”


Musicweb International

Johan van Veen, March 2013

"The ensemble is excellent, and the performers have a good sense of rhythmic pulse. I am very grateful that Notturna shed light on Janitsch's oeuvre as he turns out to be a composer of highly original and compelling chamber music. I hope that this disc is not the last in this project." 

La_danse_des_nymphes - Copie.jpg (Germany)

Marion Beyer

The luminous transverse flute of Mika Putterman provides a sharp contrast to the dark and equally enticing sound of the oboe d’amore, played by the ensemble’s director, Christopher Palameta.

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The Whole Note (Canada) 

Michael Schwartz

"Throughout the recording Palameta’s passion for the oboe is clear. Both oboists in Notturna rise masterfully to the varied and demanding challenges of the Allegro in the C minor Sonata, opus 4. The opening bars of the Largo are at once celestial and solemn; the all-but-forgotten Janitsch is no composer of dull chamber music."

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Andrew Fawcett, June 2013

"Janitsch’s tasteful, sophisticated writing is hugely appealing and it is hard not to overstate just how sublimely pleasurable Notturna’s sound is.”

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